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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Clairebella Retailer! We've made the process of creating a wholesale reseller account fast and easy. To begin, simply click on the APPLY TO BECOME A RESELLER button below and then complete the following 4 steps.

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It's as easy as that! Please note that in order to allow you to order samples and receive them in time to meet our holiday sales cut off; we cannot accept new retailer applications from November 15th to December 31st of any given year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 877-886-6379 or email us at


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Retailer Agreement Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the following Terms and Conditions. By clicking "I ACCEPT" you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by these requirements for selling Clairebella products. These Terms and Conditions are governed by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use available to review here (hyperlink to documents).

About Us - Founded in 2003, ClairebellaTM began with a boutique line of baby products and has since grown into a renowned personalized gift brand that includes close to 100 stylish products for kids, the home and office, travel, mobile, sororities, holidays and more. Clairebella means "Stylish Living," and for us, that translates into turning the "everyday" into the "extraordinary!" Not only do we strive to offer the most upscale and unique gift products around but, equally important, we offer you a superior level of customer service. Our products are fun, bold and best of all; they have YOU written all over them! Our goal is to make sure that every retailer relationship is a mutually beneficial partnership - and by offering you stylish, high-quality gifts that your customers are sure to love, we hope that we can travel down that road to success together.

New Accounts - We require a $250.00 opening order deposit. No minimum on re-orders. If you have a storefront, there is a $50 charge required for a catalog kit to use in your store. For online stores, there is a $50 charge required for website images to use on your site. You will then have a remaining balance of either $200 or $150, depending on your purchase of the catalog kit and/or website images, to use towards purchases on your account. To open your account you must accept these Terms and Conditions, and complete all necessary wholesale and other information as requested from you during this Online Account set-up process. We may also request a copy of your resale certificate or Fed Tax ID certificate. Your annual sales will be evaluated - in order to maintain an open Clairebella account, a minimum of $1,000 in yearly sales is required. Your account may be closed if you are unable to meet this requirement, or we may request another deposit at our discretion.

Marketing - All Clairebella products on your website or marketing materials must be identified with the Clairebella name; "Clairebella" as one word, not two.

Shipping - We ship using FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested. The ground shipping service type used does NOT require a signature at delivery. We accept no responsibility for lost packages after they are delivered by FedEx. Replacement of any packages lost or otherwise non-locatable after delivery will be your responsibility. Prices do not include shipping and handling charges (see Shipping Table on the Retailer Resources page within your Online Account). Should you require expedited shipping, please enter this in the Online Ordering System at the time of your order. Any changes, including address changes, cannot be made once the order is in process. Products are shipped directly from our facilities. Therefore, you or your customer may receive several shipments at different times depending on the items ordered.

Drop Ship Orders - We offer drop shipping directly to your customers on all of our products. There is no additional drop ship fee. It you have a gift message, you are required to upload your own packing list with any such message at the time you place your order into the Online System. A packing list cannot be attached after the order is in process.

Turnaround Time - Allow up to 2-4 weeks to receive your order. These are custom manufactured products that involve processes that, unfortunately, cannot be rushed. Please note that expediting your shipping will not affect the manufacturing time of your order.

Prices - Please note that all prices provided to you are wholesale and are subject to change without notice. You can charge any price you would like for the products, although we require that unless you charge at least a 100% mark-up on the wholesale price you clearly specify that the price is a SALE price.

Payment - We do not offer terms. You will need to provide a credit card with your opening order information to keep on file. Your orders will not be processed until your credit card has been charged. All products are charged at the time of ordering. If your credit card is declined, your order will be put on hold and your account will be temporarily blocked. If you do not contact us with updated credit card information within 5 days of receiving email notice of your card being declined, your order will be cancelled and your account blocked until appropriate information is received and confirmed.

Ecommerce - Your selling Clairebella products on EBay or a similar auction website (directly or indirectly) is expressly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of your account. We ask that our resellers maintain high ethical business standards and high-quality site design. We insist that images for our products are high quality and that our product information is accurate. All content on is the sole property of Clairebella Personalized Gifts and its licensees, and may not be replicated in any way without our permission. The right to sell our products and the usage of our trademark, logo, text, images, etc. is at our sole discretion. Sites are subject to periodic review by us. We have the right to terminate your account at any time and for any reason. Once notification of termination is received, we will immediately cease accepting future orders and you will have 14 days to remove all of our materials from your site.

Returns - Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Clairebella products are fully guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days after your receipt of the product. Our guarantee only covers such defects and does not cover product damages that may result from normal wear and tear over time or misuse/abuse of the product or any requests to return products that are not defective. If the item is damaged during shipping, a replacement will be sent as soon as possible. As a courtesy, in the event that your merchandise is damaged upon arrival, please notify us within twenty-four (24) hours. In any case, any claims for damage or items having a discrepancy upon arrival must be made within 14 days of receipt of the shipment. No replacement claims for damage or discrepancies will be processed after 14 days of your receipt of products. To the extent possible, the replacement will be the exact same item, color, pattern, etc. as originally ordered. We ask that our return policy be stated clearly on your site or wherever you are reselling our products. Once placed, orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. To file a claim with Clairebella, you will need to fill out our Remake Authorization Form available on Retailer Resources page within your Online Account. Send it back to us with pictures of the damage or discrepancy, as well as the front and back of the product received, for review. Upon approval, your replacement item will arrive at the normal 2-4 week turnaround timeframe. Except as expressly set forth above in this section, all sales are FINAL.

Ordering Process - To place your orders you will need to login to the Online Wholesale Ordering System located at and password will be emailed to you once your deposit has been processed and your account is set up. Faxed or emailed orders will not be processed. All orders must be through the Online Ordering System.

Questions? Phone: (toll free) 877-886-6379 or Email:

Ordering Tips - Due to the complexity of the custom manufacturing process product colors may vary from the color shown on our catalog pages, our website or other product samples. Colors may also vary depending on the medium of the product. For example, products designed on our tempered glass may appear lighter or more muted as compared to products on paper products. When ordering different products that are intended to be used together, consider ordering colors for each product that are complimentary to each other rather than trying to match the colors on each product exactly. We do not guarantee any color match or duplication of any color as dye lots will vary. These are custom products, and each item is unique.

Invoices - For your opening deposit only your login information will be emailed to you as a confirmation. After you receive your confirmation: 1. REVIEW the information and notify us via e-mail of any changes or corrections within 48 hours. 2. You will have access to log in to your account online. 3. On our Online Ordering System you can print invoices of your orders. You can also check the status of your orders and check for tracking information 24/7.

General Terms - All disputes arising out of or otherwise relating to these Terms and Conditions will be resolved under California law, irrespective of its choice of law rules. You hereby irrevocably consent to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue by the state and federal courts in Los Angeles County, California for any such dispute. These Terms and Conditions (together with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use) constitute the entire agreement between us governing your purchase of our products. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions should be held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to law, or to be invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect. You may not assign these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are binding upon you and us and our respective permitted assigns, successors and heirs (as applicable).

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