Summoners War – A Lot Of Room For Your Pocket

Many mobile titles are not exactly demanding or really difficult. Certainly not if they are Free to Play. Summoners War, on the other hand, is not only challenging but also very fair and dangerously addictive. We give a little insight into the mechanics of the RPG and reveal why the title can interest even mobile muffels. Use these Summoners War Promo Code to get many benefits as compared to other players.

A little Pokémon and ready: Summoners War

In essence, we collect various monsters in Summoners War and let them fight for us. At the start we get two gifts, others we get after battles, for completed missions or for real money. The latter is not a broken leg, because we always get random companions either way. As is common in many mobile games, we can daily quests do and grab as additional items for our monster. We gradually level the pets themselves, turning them into more powerful variants and upgrading them with up to five runes for better status. This sounds very much like the well-known Pokémon series and basically works similarly. Only we do not walk around with a figure, but go through one battle after another.

The combat system is as simple as it is ingenious: Our monsters belong to the elements of fire, water, air, light, or darkness. Fire beats the air, air beats water, water beats fire, light and darkness beat each other. The simple stone-scissors-paper principle of turn-based combat is easy to understand, fun from the first second and provides the necessary draft. We always have to adapt our troop to our opponents.

More depth than thought

Even though the many pop-up tutorials are still a bit confusing at the beginning, the familiar turn-based gameplay ensures that we find our way quickly and master the first battles with ease. But Summoners War has more on the box than it first seems. After a few minutes, the level of difficulty increases quickly, and we get more and more monsters and items. Now we have to consider: Do we restart older battles and raise the new monsters? Or are we sacrificing them?

Because the fighters divide into star categories – five stars for the strongest, one for the weakest, we can sacrifice weaker creatures to give another monster a level up. But do we really want to destroy our beloved companion? Even if he can never turn into a better variant? Then we should also consider the rune composition because the same items in a monster make for a better effect. However, we only have to use the upgradable runes once, so we have to limit ourselves to an alignment, such as better defence.

Against real opponents

Equipping and developing our monsters is not just a gimmick; it’s extremely important. Not only do we facilitate the campaign with a well-balanced team, but we also have much more opportunities in the arena. In addition to the little story, we compete against real players. Only those who manage their monsters perfectly and have well equipped can stand up to the best. The only downside: The contact with other players is limited to the battles, we must not swap.

Mobile games do not just have to be a dull pastime. Sure, the motivational battles can be completed without a brain, but after a short time, it hails then defeats. On the other hand, engaging in the game and its complex possibilities provides real tactical fun.

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